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Cheerful statuses on the positive

Cheerful statuses on the positiveWhen you have money, it’s somehow easier to agree that it’s not about money.

Money spoils people – so we have mostly good people.

If money is measured in piles, I’m in the hole.

The best method of losing weight is no money, no munchies and half a month until payday

Lack of money makes the razor blade unbluntable at all.

Those who think lack of money is the worst of evils are wrong: there is a more unbearable evil: lack of desire.

What should you say when you get a paycheck? – Hello, my little one!

Money is evil. But when there’s a lot of that evil, I’m so good!

Everything is good in moderation. Except the paycheck.

Gone to do good… I really hope no one gets hurt…

Before I do anything, I ask myself: “What would my cat do in my place?” As a result, I either eat or go to bed…

I can easily and casually roll balls with any hottie… at the bowling alley!

My voice is gone… I am the IDEAL woman!

I’m fine… I just sometimes doubt… No, not that I’m fine… That I have…

I got a car… I’m not just a traffic jammer now, I’m a traffic organizer…

Friendship is not an option. Only marriage! Briefly about myself: Magical in the head!

The phrase: “Yes, get off your phone already!” I hear more often than my name.

I am a very good cook … I can make noodles … Make porridge … Add butter … In general, clever woman, skilled worker …

If you’re not happy with the money, it’s not yours.

I want to go where there is no work and every day wages….

It’s a good idea to put your wallet on recharge in the evening. In the morning you get up, check it – full!

Money, love and apartment will still regret that they don’t have me!

Car broke down and no money – that’s the man’s critical days.

Money starts to run out, then it stops to start.

Money, you are such traitors! We go for a walk together, but I come home alone!

Money doesn’t smell. Especially money doesn’t smell when there’s no money.

I’m looking for a wage earner. Employers please do not disturb!

Best friends, boys, are billions!!!

Money comes and goes, and goes, and goes…

Today I … put on makeup in the morning … I looked in the mirror and cried: Oh, you’re a scary force… BEAUTY!!! It’s more of a dreadful power than a… power.

– How old are you? – Oh, I’m old! I still lived in a time when “bitch” was an insult, not a compliment.

No consistency… either I’m hysterical… or in the clouds… Air-headed…

All the ladies are like ladies, and I’m like a horse in plaid.

The doctor said not to be nervous… At all, I mean. At all. Not under any circumstances. Now it’s the third day and I’m not nervous… I’m not nervous at all. It just fucking pisses me off how not nervous I am.

I’m not lying!!! I’m just quality fantasizing…

I look in the mirror … looks good … beautiful … come closer, look closely … oh my … Goddess

HOW GOOD to be alone in an apartment… smearing mascara in the morning, eating mushrooms with my hands from a jar and not keeping my back straight…

My cheerful disposition and unbridled optimism are often reminiscent of complete idiocy…

Recently I read in a scientific magazine that perfect looks are not photogenic. OH, I THINK I’M TOO PERFECT.

We are all below the poverty line, but on different sides.

It has long been known that money spoils a man. But lack of money spoils him even more.

Lack of money is the root of all evil.

You have to work in order to live, and in order to get rich you have to think of something else.

Money is not the key to happiness. Everybody knows it, but nobody believes it.

If you’re unlucky with money, you’re unlucky in love…

Money spoils a man. Especially when others have it all the time.

Looking for a woman? Look for money! A woman will find you!

Many a man can’t save for a rainy day if he doesn’t have white days.

Frost is cracking outside, White snowflakes are flying. “Frozen ears, cheeks, and nose, And only the money’s melting!

I cry bitterly in my dacha: No money for seeds! I’ll plant horseradish in my dacha Better horseradish than no horseradish!!!

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