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Funny love statuses

Funny love statusesLove is six letters: 2 vowels, 3 consonants, a soft sign, and two crazies!

Happiness is when the same person is in the house, in the bed, and in the head….

¶¶ For the joys of love, once paid for with pain, we’re so afraid of new beginnings that we wear a condom on our souls ¶¶

Love is when you give a man freedom of choice and he chooses you!!!

Save water – take a shower together.

Love triangle: two cathetuses, a third… Doesn’t cut it.

The only person whose declarations of love I unconditionally believe is my child.

What is the difference between fake love and real love? Fake: -I like the snowflakes in your hair! Real: -Dura, why no hat?

For the union to be strong couple needs a toddler!

God created women beautiful so that men could love them, and foolish so that they could love men.

Sometimes the closest person is not the one you pray to as an idol, but the one who just knows how many spoonfuls of sugar to put in your cup of tea…

A woman’s desire is law… as long as a man’s desire is a woman!

Treat yourself with love and everything else with humor!

Alcohol and falling in love are the official sponsors of foolishness.

A man doesn’t forgive, he forgets, but a woman – she forgives everything, but she never forgets.

Love is when sex becomes so awesome that you can’t do it with anyone else anymore…

“Sunshine, I love you!” – is a great status! It makes all the sunshine feel good, and you don’t fall apart…

I want to fall in love, I’m looking for a victim…

A little boy says to a little girl, “I love you. – Just like a grown-up? – No, I love you for real.

Love is a fairy tale, and a year later a stroller.

We think we stop falling in love when we get old… No! – We get old when we stop loving…

Only time will tell who’s a friend, who’s an enemy, who’s a lover and who’s just for fun…

In a beloved person like even the flaws, and in the unloved irritate even the advantages.

It is better to have one person in your life for whom you are the sun than a million people for whom you are just a star.

It doesn’t matter who you sleep with. It matters who you think about when you close your eyes.

People should be loved and things should be used. Not the other way around!

Don’t look for the rich, don’t look for the beautiful, and look for the worthy and forever loved … Don’t look for the capricious, don’t look for the “brilliant” and then you will find, yours … the REAL !!!

Any fool can love when things are good in a relationship… Real love is tested when things are bad…

If you don’t seek to change for the sake of the person you love…maybe he’s not so beloved….

Have you not seen my happiness?

There are no cold women, there are men with raw matches!

Love has its own laws? According to my observations – most often there is complete chaos.

People who see each other in dreams must wake up next to each other…

And how well it all starts: favorite … sweet … cute … little … silly … fool … fool … idiot … dumb … bastard … bastard … hate …

A real girl should have a real man, not a wimp! Rags should have mops!!!

Love comes… Love goes… Love comes… Love goes… Listen, stop hustling!

There are no irreplaceable ones. There are unforgettable ones.

In a love triangle, one corner is always blunt!

There’s no perfect relationship… There’s a woman’s wisdom to ignore a man’s stupidity. There is a man’s strength to forgive a woman’s weaknesses. And perfection… Leave it to soap operas…

The station has seen more sincere kisses than the registry office.

A wise man was asked, “If a man loves, will he come back?” The wise man replied, “If a man loves, he won’t go away.”

The perfect relationship is if you…fight like husband and wife, chat like best friends, flirt like 16 year olds and care for each other like brother and sister.

You can’t “Download” or “Copy” love,
And in the heat of the moment, you can’t “Delete.”
“Lock” cannot be “Blocked”, “Format”,
But love we can “Save”…

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