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Funny statuses about friends and girlfriends

Funny statuses about friends and girlfriendsOnly a true friend will say: “If we drown and we have only one lifeline, then I will miss you very much.”

The best friends will never forget your joints and, when they are dying, they will constantly remind you of them.

Sometimes I want to return the friendship of those with whom I shared the last candy as a child…

The best friend, taking the last gum from you, will bite off half, and put the rest back.

I am not in danger of becoming rich – my friends can drink any amount.

A friend is someone who sends a request to top up your account in response to your request to call back.

A real friend will not jump out of the window after you, but will run to catch you under the window.

The best friend is the one who saw you without makeup.

Real friends are already eating in the kitchen, while you are still undressing.

Girlfriends are when two people laugh non-stop on a sober head, clogging up in hysterical laughter – about and without.

Female friendship still exists!!! Proven by time and nerves.

A friend is a bastard, knowing your shortcomings, constantly reminds you of them.

It is not difficult to quit drinking, it is difficult to convince friends of this.

A friend will always pay for a tram ride for two, having previously taken money from you.

Friends are those people who, before coming to visit, will definitely ask: “Is there anything delicious?”.

Friends are the people who know better than you what you have in the refrigerator.

If life gets tight… look at your friend’s face!

When you fall, a real friend will not hold out her hand to you, but will fall next to you and laugh like crazy.

The best friend is like a bra: she is close to her heart and will always support.

The more friends you have, the sooner your liver will fail.

Women’s happiness-bald girlfriends…

Sometimes, you walk down the street with your parents, and a group of your drunken friends is approaching the meeting, and you think: “If only they didn’t say hello, if only they didn’t say hello.”

A dog is a friend of a person, but a friend does not have to be a dog.

If you ask your best friend for gum, she will give you the whole bag.

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