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Funny statuses about girlfriends

Funny statuses about girlfriendsA friend is the one who will always be with you in a difficult moment and, as always, in the most rzhachnaya.

A real girlfriend will always scratch her nose or head when you have painted nails!

The best friend is the one you call, and she’s busy. And you’re freaking out terribly, and it turns out that she called you.

The best friend is not the one who carries you from the restaurant, but the one who crawls next to you.

The beauty of a girl can only be compared with the mind of her friend.

A friend’s photo is signed: “Me and the tree.” Not well, I would have written the truth already “I am a tree!”

Did your friends have boyfriends and they forgot about you? Put the status “Damn! I think I fell in love with my best friend’s boyfriend…”

A friend is a news service, a liquor store and a psychological support center.

A real girlfriend is like a bra – close to her heart and always supports!

If your husband ran away with your best friend, you will miss her very much.

The best friend is the one after correspondence with whom you constantly have to delete the message history.

Are you the only one so crazy?- No, I still have a friend.

I wasn’t surprised when one of my friends asked another for a screwdriver, but when the second one took it out of her purse…

It’s so cool when you and your best friend have been together since childhood, then there is something to remember, from funny moments to shamefully funny ones.

An American woman, when she feels BAD, will go to pour out her soul to a psychologist, a Chinese woman will withdraw into herself, and only my friends and I go to visit each other and “IIIIOOOOAAAAAAAAA!!!”

Best friends are the ones who still know who your status is about.

We’re going with a friend. She’s wearing heels, so gorgeous… And I’m in flip-flops, so happy!

She will always be my friend. He knows too much about me.

Women don’t count their years. Their friends do it for them.

Obvious shortcomings of a friend can make yours less noticeable.

For many women, experiencing love means discussing it with a friend.

Only a friend understands everything at a glance.

Correspondence with my best friend is dirt about my whole life.

I came to a friend to cry for a living… they laughed until morning…

A friend came to visit, said: “Don’t be sad, I’ll sing now!” And after all, the infection has DRUNK!

The friendship of two women is always a conspiracy against the third!

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