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Funny statuses about jobs

Funny statuses about jobsThere is such a profession – to sit at work.

The last stage of freaking out from idleness at work is when you start reading spam.

Coming out of the chief’s office, he looked somehow… strained…

Labor made a man out of a monkey. The person doesn’t want to work anymore. You never know…

Morning is such a part of the day when you envy the unemployed…

Labor made a man out of a monkey, and transport out of a horse. Here as luck would have it.

Born to go shopping, but forced to go to work…

To work, as on a holiday!

I work for you part-time and therefore I ask you to shout at me in a low voice!

The director is the same person as everyone else, only he doesn’t know about it.

I decided to do men’s work around the house myself, lay down on the sofa, watch TV, it’s hard, I don’t argue, but it’s necessary…

WORK, WORK, go to Fedot, from Fedot to his brother, and to me their salary.

The wallet with the salary is lost! A convincing request to the finder – DO NOT LAUGH!!!

Work is not the most pleasant place, but you have to go somewhere in the morning.

The hardest job is sitting in a nut packing plant and nibbling pistachios…

If an employee sits at work for 10 minutes. idle, it automatically goes into sleep mode.

A Russian person has two problems: to finish before Friday and not to die before Monday.

For the sake of money, a person is ready for anything! Even going to work…

A boss is a person who comes to work on time on the day when you are late, and is late on the days when you arrive on time.

No money to change your wardrobe – change your job! For a new team, all your old clothes are new.

Announcement: An employee is required to work. Payment in cash. Make phone calls.

I’m changing my job for a rich wife!!!

I love going to work! And from work! But these 8 hours between walking are just infuriating!

Need a weekend after the weekend to take a break from the weekend…

I don’t remember my salary …

Work is not a wolf, it will not run away from the veterinarian.

The most difficult thing at work is to do nothing.

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