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Humorous funny statues with meaning about life

Humorous funny statues with meaning about lifeI want to be like when I was a kid, I ran out of money, I went and picked up …..

Nothing in nature disappears without a trace, except money.

Money doesn’t appear out of nowhere, but easily goes nowhere.

Nothing in a man’s appearance irritates a woman more than the lack of money.

I have two pieces of news. The bad: I spent all your money. The good news: I love you even if you’re penniless.

It’s not for nothing that everyone is afraid of Vitali Klitschko. He has a brother who is a boxer!

The fight should last 13 seconds: 2 seconds to get close, 1 second to hit, and 10 seconds to be counted by the ref… – Mike Tyson

If you want to be a boxer, just pray!

No matter how strong the beast may be, a double punch is always stronger

On the morning of January 1. I look in the refrigerator, and there’s all last year’s food…

The President’s most secret decree is called “On ensuring at least some defense of the country at 5 am on January 1 every year”.

On January 1, I will wake up on January 2.

I’m a mischievous and perky girl! And I love to live life to the fullest! Of course I’m a little too feisty in places… It’s my status to be feisty!

– I don’t know how you could do so many stupid things in one day. – I get up very early.

If anyone knows where I was yesterday, with whom and what I did, please – do not tell anyone … Especially me …

In fact, I have a large vocabulary of … this … what’s it …

In order to assemble a perpetual motion machine you need only two parts: me and a shovel…

Do not offer intimacy – I can not refuse.

Every day I think about what a fool I was yesterday.

I used to be afraid of being forgotten. Now I am afraid I may be remembered.

You can go from yourself to yourself all your life… Or you can at some point get such a kick out of life that you quickly find your place in it… and yourself at the same time…

I didn’t pass the face control at the zoo!

When ME…is…visited by INSPIRATION…other visitors…are no longer allowed…into the CAVE…

The most useful thing they can do for the adult TV channels on January 1 is to spin cartoons for children all day

The morning of January 1… At this time more than half of the windows in the country are fogged up…

Borjomi is a sponsor on January 1!

You have to drive with such a speed, as if you were late to the dentist.

Have you ever noticed that when you are driving, whoever is going faster is a jerk and whoever is going slower is an idiot?

His driving style is endorsed by the World Association of Homosexuals and his intelligence is endorsed by the World Association of Housewives.

The quieter you drive, the less Russian you are.

Beauty is a formidable force, especially if it is behind the wheel…

Dirty car: protection against corrosion.

I’m very good, you could say outstanding…

They say you have to love yourself. I look closer to myself: and to love, and there’s nothing to love. I’m going to love for nothing, for what I am!

I will not tolerate flattery from friends! That’s why I praise myself.

Be honest with yourself – don’t say, “Ah, it’s a fucking morning,” say, “I’m a victim of Internet addiction, I do not go to bed on time, I hate myself.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to be taken infrequently and in small doses – I’m always right, and I’m never guilty of anything. It’s hard for ordinary people to be around perfection like me all the time.

Men (and cats) have feelings too. For example, we feel hunger…

Where does CORONA come from? I used to have a CROWN in my head…

I have hidden talents, but they are not visible, because I hide them very carefully!

The labor march didn’t work out again. The march was. The march was there. There was no labor…

Hello, trouble. Come on in, it’s not like we’re family.

I’m like a pill, just as small and nasty.

My husband and I spent all day yesterday… standing, kneeling, and lying down… But we shoveled the snow!

Let’s freeze to keep warm.

Don’t go out for a walk, people! There lives the dreaded: “COLD TUTTB**T!”

It’s getting warmer in our apartment so you don’t have to button your duvet.

People! Help the spring! Eat the snow.

It Snowed All Night…. It was snowing out of the streetlight…

Everyone says, “I want summer, I want summer,” but I don’t want it! My felt boots are cool!!!


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