• In EnglishStatuses about the sister

    Statuses about the sister

    Sisters are two jerks who just categorically can't live without each other. I can deceive everyone, but not my sister. Charlotte Gray Happiness is when you remember the best summer moments with your sister on a cold evening. Sister is like your mirror and your opposite. Younger sisters attract only those who do not have them. A sister is a timeless connection. We remember each other…

  • In EnglishFunny love statuses

    Funny love statuses

    Love is six letters: 2 vowels, 3 consonants, a soft sign, and two crazies! Happiness is when the same person is in the house, in the bed, and in the head.... ¶¶ For the joys of love, once paid for with pain, we're so afraid of new beginnings that we wear a condom on our souls ¶¶ Love is when you give a man freedom of…

  • In EnglishFunny statuses about life

    Funny statuses about life

    After 40°, life is just beginning! The law of life — in whatever area you would not move, a neighbor with a drill will find you everywhere! A woman should be undressed only once, so that she can dress for the rest of her life… Life should be lived in such a way that pigeons, flying over your monument, are tolerated out of respect. I envy…

  • In EnglishFunny statuses about jobs

    Funny statuses about jobs

    There is such a profession - to sit at work. The last stage of freaking out from idleness at work is when you start reading spam. Coming out of the chief's office, he looked somehow... strained… Labor made a man out of a monkey. The person doesn't want to work anymore. You never know… Morning is such a part of the day when you envy the…

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